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The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group (MPIRG) is a grassroots, nonpartisan, nonprofit, student-directed organization that empowers and trains students and engages the community to take collective action in the public interest throughout the state of Minnesota. Together, we can catalyze change.

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Corporate Accountability

Minnesotans rely on the private and public sectors alike. Together, they shape our local economy. By holding each sector accountable for their actions, we believe that Minnesota can continue to compete at the global level and provide jobs for our future leaders in training. MPIRG stands for Corporate Accountability. What do you stand for?


Our democratic process will determine the future direction of Minnesota. Unfortunately, actively engaging in our democracy isn't always easy. By simplifying the process and facilitating greater involvement, we give students the skills they need to weigh in on decisions that shape our communities. MPIRG stands for Democracy. What do you stand for?

Environmental Justice

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. We help young people confront industrial interests when they come at the expense of our health and environment. By empowering students with the skills to identify and address environmental injustice, we work to protect the people and natural beauty that define Minnesota. MPIRG stands for Environmental Justice. What do you stand for?

Get Involved

For over 40 years MPIRG has worked to advance the public interest, but none of our victories would be possible without your support. By engaging and organizing our communities to take action on the issues we care about, we can continue to overcome powerful lobbies and special interests. Your support is essential for us to continue MPIRG’s storied legacy as a voice for the people of Minnesota.

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