Because its not really home until you are registered to vote

07.01.15 Post by Ian Kantonen

mpls votes


MPIRG fully supports the initiative taken by council member Jacob Frey today. Providing Minneapolis residence with a voter registration card upon completing a rental agreement is a simple step to ensure civic participation in our communities. This also has the potential to increase voter participation in non national election years, when much less money is spent by the major parties on voter registration drives.

This measure will be especially important to ensure students and young people are able to keep their voter registration current. Young people are very mobile, often living in a location for less than a year. Add on top of that school work and multiple jobs, registering to vote at a new address is often forgotten.

While there is much more that needs to be done to make voting more accessible to all, this is an easy and effective step that just makes sense. We call on the rest of the council to support councilmember Frey’s initiative to take another step in improving democracy in our city.

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