A Story from Fargo/Moorhead

07.27.15 Post by Erik Hatlestad


Moorhead State University Moorhead (MSUM) student Kat Priem tells her story, and why she supports the Fight for $15.

Fargo/Moorhead has been tagged as a prime example of the American Dream, and has received national attention for the opportunities we enjoy. Students, individuals and families are making their way to the area to get in on the action and achieve, at the very least, middle class status. I myself came to the area years ago with the goal of finding a stable job.

However, I found very fight_for_15quickly that finding a full-time job was not  enough  to make ends meet. Working 40 hours a week on minimum  wage, I had to  pick up a second job making a total of 60 hours a week.  This was still not  enough to pay rent, utilities, groceries and medical bills. After about three  years I decided to re-enter college in hopes of  someday being able to  provide for, not only myself but, a family.

My story is not an isolated one, which is why I support the $15 Now      Campaign. The goal of this campaign is to lift up the millions of      Americans who are struggling to make ends meet while working an      obscene amount of hours, taking time away from spending time with    family and pursuing a balanced lifestyle, in an effort just to pay the  bills.

The working class makes up the majority of the population, and the  strength of the U.S.’s economy relies on people such as myself.  Clearly the current system is not working in our best interest, it’s broken and we need something.  Join me in being part of that solution!

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