"The Purpose Of MPIRG Shall Be...

...to articulate and pursue through the media, the institutions of government, the courts and other legal means the concerns of students on issues of general public interest. These areas will include environmental preservation, consumer protection, and the role of corporation and government agencies in the lives of the average citizen."
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See What We're Doing Now

"MPIRG Provides A Valuable Resource Not Only..."

... for University students, but for all Minnesotans, and teaches how to affect public policy."


After a Six Year Legal And Legislative Battle,

...MPIRG passes the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Act to create the nation's sole paddle-only wilderness area.


MPIRG bans the dumping of "Low Level" radioactive waste

...in landfills and incinerators by ending the so-called "below regulatory concern" policy. MPIRG's study and legislation are used as models for other state legislation, and lead to the reversal of the federal policy.


MPIRG lobbies for Metro Greenways and Natural Areas Project

...successfully allocating 4 million dollars of funding, which coordinates the preservation and restoration of key ecological areas in Minnesota while accommodating urban growth.

"I applaud and have long supported the work of MPIRG...

...and will continue to do so. Twenty-five years of serving the public is a great accomplishment. The work oF MPIRG is very important and will continue to be well into the next century. I would like to thank all those who have worked hard over the last 25 years and all those who will continue to do so over the next 25 years."
- Senator Paul Wellstone, 1996


Working with the healthy legacy coalition,

MPIRG makes minnesota the first state to phase-out the use of Bisphenol-A (BPA) -- a known endocrine disruptor and carcinogen -- from use in children's products. Three years later, the federal government follows Minnesota's lead and implements a nationwide ban.


MPIRG mobilizes the youth vote

...to help make MN the first state ever to defeat a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and defeats an amendment to restrict voting rights.


MPIRG's Current Campaigns

MPIRG continues to make headway in our community by striving to create a better Minnesota for all.