A Story from Fargo/Moorhead

07.27.15 Post by Erik Hatlestad


Moorhead State University Moorhead (MSUM) student Kat Priem tells her story, and why she supports the Fight for $15. Fargo/Moorhead has been tagged as a prime example of the American Dream, and has received national attention for the opportunities we enjoy. Students, individuals and families are making their way to the area to get in […]

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Because its not really home until you are registered to vote

07.01.15 Post by Ian Kantonen

  MPIRG fully supports the initiative taken by council member Jacob Frey today. Providing Minneapolis residence with a voter registration card upon completing a rental agreement is a simple step to ensure civic participation in our communities. This also has the potential to increase voter participation in non national election years, when much less money […]

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Statement on #MOA11

03.09.15 Post by Ian Kantonen

As a student run organization that recognizes our current criminal justice system does not serve justice for all, we, the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group, are appealing to the ethical and moral responsibility of Sandra Johnson and the City of Bloomington in demanding that they drop the charges against the Mall of America Eleven. The […]

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“Ain’t I a Woman?” – Laverne Cox Speaks on Race, Gender Identity with Language of Love

03.03.15 Post by Ian Kantonen

Misogyny. Trans-misogyny. Racial-trans-misogyny. Misandry. Trans-misandry. I could go on — add one identity after another – until we’re all forced to really think about what is left of us. If everything we are is questioned and humiliated, if we gave in to hatred, we could not be of any gender, sexual orientation or racial origin. […]

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Common Sense Justice

02.19.15 Post by Ian Kantonen

  On Thursday, January 29th Minnesotans came from across the state to call on their elected officials and demand justice.  Community members from both sides of the aisle joined forces for one simple cause: restoring the right to vote to felons that have served their time. Currently, forty-seven thousand Minnesotans are barred from the voting booth […]

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