Economic Justice

Students and workers on college campuses face a seemingly insurmountable cycle of debt every day. This debt can be attributed to universities increasing tuition and consistently subcontracting on-campus workers to other corporations, effectively cutting salaries and reducing the potential for unionization. MPIRG stands behind students and workers by fighting for a living wage on campuses, fighting for the rights of adjunct faculty, and educating students on navigating loan repayment. Will you stand with us?

Sweatshop-Free Procurement Policies

One of the biggest ways we can make collective change to support workers’ rights is to leverage the buying power of our cities and universities. We can ensure these institutions reflect our values by changing their purchasing policies to explicitly prohibit the use of materials produced under illegal working conditions.

Campaign Finance Reform

The problem of money in politics has only gotten worse after years of unfavorable court decisions undermining campaign finance laws. MPIRG is working to bring this issue to light through pro-democracy reforms at the State Capitol. By organizing against undisclosed contributions to political campaigns, we can have the necessary information to hold elected officials accountable to the public interest, rather than the interests of big money.

Homeless Person's Bill of Rights

MPIRG is part of a network that works on supporting the Duluth Homeless Person's Bill of Rights.
We, people experiencing homelessness and our allies, call for a Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights in Duluth with following protections:
-The right to use and move freely in public spaces, without discrimination or arbitrary time limits
-The right to rest in public spaces and protect oneself from -elements in a non-obstructive manner
-The right to eat, share or accept food in public spaces
-The right to occupy a legally parked motor vehicle
-The right to a reasonable expectation of privacy in public spaces
-The right to equal treatment by city staff and agencies
-The right to protection from disclosure of personal information without consent
-The right to protection from discrimination in housing and employment
-The right to 24-hour access to basic hygiene facilities
-The right to choose whether or not to utilize emergency shelter
-The right to speak with an advocate or street outreach worker when questioned by police