Corporate Accountability

Minnesotans rely on the private and public sectors alike. Together, they shape our local economy. By holding each sector accountable for their actions, we believe that Minnesota can continue to compete at the global level and provide jobs for our future leaders in training. MPIRG stands for Corporate Accountability. What do you stand for?

Sweatshop-Free Procurement Policies

One of the biggest ways we can make collective change to support workers’ rights is to leverage the buying power of our cities and universities. We can ensure these institutions reflect our values by changing their purchasing policies to explicitly prohibit the use of materials produced under illegal working conditions.

Campaign Finance Reform

The problem of money in politics has only gotten worse after years of unfavorable court decisions undermining campaign finance laws. MPIRG is working to bring this issue to light through pro-democracy reforms at the State Capitol. By organizing against undisclosed contributions to political campaigns, we can have the necessary information to hold elected officials accountable to the public interest, rather than the interests of big money.

The Toxic Free Kids Act

Minnesota was the first state to ban Bisphenol-A (BPA) from baby bottles and sippy cups and the first to ban formaldehyde-releasing chemicals in children’s shampoo and other kids’ body products. Without our members we would not be able to organize, educate, and lobby effectively around important issues like protecting our rights, our kids, and our environment.

With this momentum, MPIRG’s fight continues. We need to know exactly what’s being used in our children’s products. Because of our work passing the first part of the Toxic Free Kids Act in 2009, the Minnesota Department of Health generated a list of the nine most dangerous chemicals (known as “priority chemicals”) that cause serious health problems and can be persistent in our environment and bodies. The Toxic Free Kids Act of 2014 will require children’s product manufacturers who sell their products in Minnesota to publicly disclose if their product contains one of the nine priority chemicals which have been linked to developmental and respiratory problems, cancer, neurological disorders and hormone disruption. There is no comprehensive system in place to inform consumers which products contain dangerous chemicals. We need to change this together!

MPIRG is now supporting the Toxic Free Kids’ Act of 2015. The Act requires children’s product manufacturers to publicly disclose if their product contains a chemical identified as a toxic, priority chemical by the Minnesota Department of Health.
Nine chemicals, including lead, cadmium, Bisphenol A (BPA), formaldehyde, phthalates and flame retardants, have been identified by the Minnesota Department of Health as toxic, priority chemicals. The Toxic Free Kids Act would provide state agencies and the public information that is critical to the protection of children’s health.