Our democratic process will determine the future direction of Minnesota. Unfortunately, actively engaging in our democracy isn’t always easy. By simplifying the process and facilitating greater involvement, we give students the skills they need to weigh in on decisions that shape our communities. MPIRG stands for Democracy. What do you stand for?

Get Out the Youth Vote

MPIRG has a long history of engaging young people to participate in elections. We know that politicians respond to those that show up, and voter turnout is a strong indicator of the political power a community holds. That’s why we spend months meeting students where they are to ensure they’re registered to vote, informed on the issues they care about, and that they turn out to the polls on election day. By organizing and mobilizing a strong student voting base, we command the attention of our elected officials.

Ex-felon Voter Re-enfranchisement

Restoring the right to vote for ex-offenders living in our communities maximizes their ability to contribute to society. Nearly 50,000 Minnesotans across the state on parole or probation for past felony convictions are barred from voting, even after having served their terms in correctional facilities.

Despite their release from jail or prison, they are still denied the right to participate in our democracy, elect representation, and have a voice in decisions made about their lives. MPIRG is working with the Second Chance Coalition to pass legislation that would help tens of thousands of Minnesotans regain these fundamental rights.

Duluth Better Ballot Campaign

Ranked Choice Voting is now used in Minnesota's two largest cities, and it's time to bring this smarter, fairer, more representative voting system to the Northland!

Support for RCV has been growing in Duluth for years, and a task force appointed by Mayor Ness has recommended its adoption. Voters are ready for reform -- 2014 is the time to make the change!

We’re teaming up with FairVote Minnesota and organizations in Duluth to get the ball rolling on a ballot measure this November. Visit our campaign facebook page ( to get involved with our efforts this election cycle.