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Environmental Justice Roundtable

08.17.16 Post by Ian Kantonen

  This past week, members of our HERC Coalition (community organizations including MPIRG, Sierra Club, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Community Power, and St. Joan of Arc) went on a trip to Chicago for an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 roundtable discussion with environmental justice leaders on the Clean Power Plan, and testified at […]

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Living in The Gray Area

11.09.14 Post by Ian Kantonen


I have had some form of this drafted up for almost a year, and I feel like the time has finally come to share it. This is a particularly fitting time, as November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. It definitely isn’t one of the better advertised awareness months, so don’t feel too out of the loop […]

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Better than a landfill…?

07.08.14 Post by Ian Kantonen

herc pic

I lived in Minneapolis for seven years before knowing that there was a garbage burner in the middle of the city.  During that time I enjoyed driving around the highways, watching the skyline shift and change as the road wrapped around its edges.  The western side, renovated with the addition of a sparkling new stadium, […]

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The Midwestern Climate Movement

06.27.14 Post by Erik Hatlestad

Gina McCarthy of the EPA Addresses  REAMP

  Last week I had the opportunity to join MPIRG’s Board Chair Alex Vagac and Associate Director Ryan Kennedy, as well as staff members from MPIRG’s rural partner CURE (Clean Up the River Environment) for the REAMP Annual Meeting in Chicago.  REAMP is an network of organizations and funding foundations that think strategically and act […]

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At What Point Do We Leave It In The Ground?

06.20.14 Post by Ian Kantonen


Last week, State Administrative Law Judge, Eric Lipman recommended that state regulators allow the expansion of Enbridge Energy’s Alberta Clipper pipeline. The pipeline carries the heavy and very dirty tar sand product roughly 1,000 miles from Alberta through northern Minnesota to Superior, WI. If approved, no new pipe would be added, but the existing pipeline’s […]

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Youth of Rural America, Unite!

06.06.14 Post by Erik Hatlestad

Main Street Sign

This past week I attended the Symposium for Small Towns hosted by the Center for Small Towns at the University of Minnesota Morris.  I took this remarkable opportunity to soak up the meaningful research presented regarding the state of affairs in rural America.  One of the key points of discussion throughout the event was the […]

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