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Environmental Justice Roundtable

08.17.16 Post by Ian Kantonen

  This past week, members of our HERC Coalition (community organizations including MPIRG, Sierra Club, MN Neighborhoods Organizing for Change, Community Power, and St. Joan of Arc) went on a trip to Chicago for an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 5 roundtable discussion with environmental justice leaders on the Clean Power Plan, and testified at […]

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Better than a landfill…?

07.08.14 Post by Ian Kantonen

herc pic

I lived in Minneapolis for seven years before knowing that there was a garbage burner in the middle of the city.  During that time I enjoyed driving around the highways, watching the skyline shift and change as the road wrapped around its edges.  The western side, renovated with the addition of a sparkling new stadium, […]

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Not-So Green Machine

06.25.14 Post by Ian Kantonen


Minneapolis has developed a reputation over the past decade for being one of the cleaner cities.  Having briefly lived in Chicago, I can tell you that it definitely smells better and there are far fewer puddles of mysterious goo outside my front door.  However, we seem to have come to a slow point in our […]

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